"The Mozart Files"

In 1791 he died...This year he came back!

When Mozart, the CIA, 2 renegade psychic investigators, The heiress to the Gummy Bear fortune and Georgio Armani's top female designer all meet up in Portofino, Italy for the annual Classical Music Competition things are about to go sideways..Big Time!

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About The Book...Why Historical Fiction?

Historical Fiction allows an author to present a certain event, time period or person from a particular perspective. Understanding Mozart's background, upbringing, lifestyle and impressions of the world around him can give you a fairly clear picture about why he made certain decisions or acted in a certain way.

Reading about a particular event from a unique perspective can also help us relate to it better. An example from Mozart's life is his 3 years spent in London as the guest of King George, He was tutored and highly influenced by none other than Johann Christian Bach, who at the time was Queen Charlotte's musical tutor. In this book, many of Mozart's interactions with Royalty in London and with JC Bach himself are elaborated on through the eyes of fictitious persons who might have been involved in the actual story.

When I was a child, I read all kinds of fiction, and what I loved most about these stories was that they allowed me to step into others' shoes -- an Indian boy, a pioneer girl, a medieval knight -- and to reflect on choices and dilemmas I would thankfully never have to face in real life. All kinds of fiction serves this purpose, but particularly historical fiction, because the lives portrayed in historical fiction are further outside one's scope.

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it. 350 pages

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"Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius.
Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius."...
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


5/5(8 Reviews)


Malibu Graphics

Malibu, California

A GREAT read...Hysterical, enlightening and above all FUN. Well worth $4.99! Highly recommended.


Barbara Fahr

Monroe, Conneticut

Looking for a great fun read? Then you MUST get a copy of Mick's novel.
It's fun, historical fiction centered around Mozart. You can't pass up squeezing in your reading for the last few weeks of summer!


Jesse Kollins

Boston, Massachusetts

I read this book earlier this summer on a vacation. It was the perfect getaway book.
I was rapt as I turned each page faster than the previous. It was an enthralling read that kept me wanting more and more,
until a spectacular firework explosion of an ending. I highly recommend it!


Jules Odom

St. Thoms, Virgin Islands

Such a well written creative book... I found myself reading slower towards the latter half because I didn't want the story to end!


Ramona Ault

Vista, California

I took your book on a long train ride and it was the perfect companion.
The time flew by. You did a good job of creating engaging characters and a dynamic plot line.
I look forward to your next offering.


Lynne Arundell

Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

I loved your book it was mesmerizing. Your style of writing is beautiful! Look forward to the next book.


Wayne McGuire

Ocean City, Maryland

A great idea... it is a really fun read, not like any other ! A surreal departure into seperate reality
romance, set in theatrically timeless, literary living color, historic music, classic musing, and of course, Mozart.
A bit of mind and time bending to mend the imagination.


Toni DeNoune

Byron Bay, NSW Australia

Couldn't put it down..LMAO...Kudos to Mick. What's next?

Mick Kollins
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Mick Kollins is an Emmy nominated photographer, Television Producer/Director and Graphic Designer who grew up in the Virgin Islands and has lived and worked in France, England, Australia, Samoa, Tonga and New Zealand.

His work has been featured in magazines and on television and he has previously done work for ABC, CBS, NBC, Disney, CNN, E! Entertainment, The Discovery Channel and the Cannes International Film Festival. His orginal children's TV series on the Fox FX Network, "World Youth News" won the coveted "Youth in Film Award" and he has 7 National Telly Awards for his Graphic Design, Special Effects and TV Productions. He is currently the Creative Director at Virgin Islands Design Group in St. Thomas.

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